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Statement of Purpose


Statement of Purpose
Revised 6-10-2020
The Oregon Electric O Gaugers is an Oregon Limited Partnership (LLC) interested in promoting the hobby of O gauge Model Railroading.
This organization maintains a portable layout of varying sizes that can be operated at numerous locations. By operating the O gauge trains and accessories at locations like schools, retirement homes, libraries, museums and model train shows we demonstrate to others the fun and entertainment that O gauge trains provide.
         Current members come from Lebanon, Albany, Springfield, Corvallis, Eugene, Monmouth, Salem and Tangent.
         Annual dues (currently $40 but can change each year) are necessary to equip and maintain the layout in addition to liability insurance and State of Oregon organizational costs.  There is a one time initiation fee of $50.00 for all new members.
         It is not necessary to have a layout of your own, or to have background in preparing or maintaining a layout as a requirement to join our club.  We have members who operate the modern command control engines, others who operate conventional O gauge trains (Lionel, MTH, Atlas, K-line, Marx and American Flyer); and still others who operate the prewar O gauge trains.  
         Ask us about a membership application if you are interested in joining the Oregon Electric O Gaugers and any questions you might have.
Kirk Ainslie, President (Lebanon); 503-877-0057
Wayne Gladwin, Secretary (Independence); 541-757-8481
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