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Membership Form

Application for Membership

Name:  ______________________________

Address:  _______________________________________________________________

Phone:  ______________________________

E-mail:  ______________________________

Do you have a layout?  __________________

What gauge(s) do you collect/operate?  _______________________________________

What other train clubs or organizations do you belong?  __________________________

Terms and Conditions:  As a condition of acceptance of a membership application by the Oregon Electric O Gaugers Club (the Club), and participation in the events and activities of the Club, I agree to: (i) assume any and all risks associated with events or activities arranged for or by the Club, including property loss or damage, personal injury, or death, and (ii) hold harmless and indemnify the Club, its partners, officers, directors, members, agents or employees from any loss or claim in connection with arranged events and activities, and (iii) understand that this agreement is binding upon my heirs, assigns, legal representatives and others, and that none of them will make any claim against or sue the Club, its partners, officers, directors, members, agents or employees.

Initiation Fee: $50.00  (Includes 1st year dues)         Dues: $30.00/Year
Junior Associate (10 - 18yrs, sponsored by member)    $15/yr

________________________________________                     Date:  _______________
Signature of Applicant

________________________________________                    Date:  _______________
Signature of parent or guardian if applicant is under the age of 18

Contact:   Kirk Ainslie   503-877-0057 (
Wayne Gladwin   541-757-8481 (  

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