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Member Pages #2

Below:  Some phtos of Kirk's layout in progress
Several videos of Kirk's American Flyer club page, that include many O-Gauge trains too.
(Videos will follow each other,  or you can select.)  
Video 1.. Jun 24, 2021   Running a 1941 American Flyer 574 with die cast freight cars
Video 2, Oct 17, 2021  Running 3 American Flyer Nickel Plate Road 0-8-0's  
Video 3,  Oct 13, 2021      Running Gary's American Flyer Santa Fe passenger train  
Video 4,   June 23, 2021  Running American Flyer 314AW with green passenger cars
Video 5, Jue 23, 2021 Running a 310 American Flyer with B&O cars on the 5x9 S gauge layout
Video 6. Aug 17, 2021      Cab ride on the 16ft American Flyer S gauge layout Aug 17th 2021

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