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Events Calendar

Updated Sep 2022
(September 11, 2001 never forget. )
    The club will have its giant 3 track layout
         at Corvallis Library
                Sat. Oct 8 and Sun Oct 9.
**Aug 3 thru Aug 6
 The Benton County Fair:
Set-up  Tue Aug 2   10 am
Run  Wed  Aug 3  >>>> 11am -10pm;
 Thru  Sat   Aug 6  >>>>  11am to 10pm

Tear-down  Sun  Aug 7 .... 10 am
Club picnic: at John Dunn’s house 8/13.
**Corvallis Library:  October 8 and 9.
We were unable to coordinate a mutual date with the Albany Library this year.
          **Dates the Club is committed to taking the layout
NOTE: For local train shows see:
Pacific Northwest Regional National Model Railroad Association Website
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