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Above: Mark's tunnel project
for Ted's layout.
below:  Left and Right....Randy's Trains.
He needed a change of pace.
Kirk's awsome over and under layout.
Christmas 2020.  Thomas Train and Christmas Village are reunited with the Christmas tree for a second year.  In previous years they had been on top of a long piece of furniture.  They now have the place of honor, as many children will remember their first Christmas train.
    Ironically, after the camera was stopped, the kitten finally caught the caboose and caused a derailment.  The "Thomas face" was added to a rescued "dockside engine".  The caboose and engine were actually red, but the other cars were painted for this train.

The inside train is Lionel Set #296 from 1928 to 1930.  The Locomotive is a #253, with #607 Coaches and #608 Observation Car.  Kirk A. and  Dave S. helped with replacement parts and rejuvenation.  The set was donated to our club by a couple in November of 2019.  They said it had been in their family since 1931.

The outside train is a 1949 American Flyer with #300 locomotive and tender,  and #650 baggage car and coach.
1940-1941 Prewar Premium Die Cast
American Flyer 559 K-5 passenger train
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