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They are colsed due to Covid19

Please post photos, that you have taken,
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Check out the layouts and trains on our member and club pages.
Next up for the club
All events have been cancelled
So sorry.... but better safe, than sorry.
Hopefully we may be able to schedule our regualr Fall activities.
Go to our excursion link page .
Especially Santiam Excursions; Mt Hood RR; Mt Rainer RR
A new hobby link.     Mr. Muffin's Trains
He is an O Gauge dealer in an old flour mill in Atlanta, Indiana
The site has an incredable amount of links to videos of the layout in his store
and also of many different extensive layout.  Bonus: Q&A blog
The Oregon Electric O-Gaugers Train Club of Albany, Oregon returns to the Valley River Mall in Eugene for its annual model train show weekend.  Many different size trains will be featuted throughout the mall  on Friday, Jan 27th, from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM , Saturday, Jan 28th, from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM, and Sunday, Jan 29th, from 11:00AM to 7:00PM. Bring the whole family to enjoy this interactive exhibit during which the Mall Halls will be transformed into miniature worlds, complete with Trains of many scales, multiple tracks, noisy trains, and much more.
Oregon Electric O Gaugers
What’s an O Gauger ? .. A person who enjoys running or collecting
O Gauge trains  ( or O Scale)…..    So …..
What’s an “O-Gauge” train ?…… Think of the Lionel trains of the 40’s and 50’s, but a slightly larger size…..
Most of our trains are O or 027, which both run on the same width 3 rail track.  027 is so named because its full circle of track has a 27”  diameter. It is also the size of the original Lionel trains.  The taller track for 0 generally is 31” to 72” full circle diameter, but the distance between the inside and outside rails is the same as 027, so the smaller 027 stock can run on the 0 track.
The most popular Scales are N, HO, S, 027, O,  and G. (or Large Scale).  They are special mathematical ratios to the real (prototype) trains.  

Below is the same locomotive in six different scales, measuring just 2 3/4" long in Z scale up to a whopping 20 3/4" long in large (G) scale.  Each represents a real 50 foot locomotive in the scale. This information is from World’s Greatest Hobby website.   http://www.greatesthobby.com/
The  Oregon Electric O-Gaugers enjoy sharing our trains with the public and schedule display events several times throughout the year.   You will see us at the Corvallis and Salem Libraries, and Valley River Center, and the Eugene Train Swap.  
Check our calendar link for times and dates.
For more info go to the  Club’s Statement of Purpose link .
If you want to join us , go to the Membership Form Link.
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